Trading With Selene’s Chariott

In this course, , a recently retired professional trader and fund manager, has presented a set of powerful trading tools used for advanced swing trading based upon the principles of celestial mechanics and ancient geometry. These tools were developed and refined over 25 years of research, trading and professional management and represent the culmination of a lifetime quest for the ideal astro-trading toolkit.

The core tool provides the trader with the capacity to project the exact slope of the forthcoming trend IN ADVANCE of the trend developing (within the first few bars), from any high or low on any time frame from minute to monthly. This angle of attack is then projected in the direction of the new trend, and a channel is constructed parallel to the slope angle which will contain the entire movement of the ensuing trend and will then signal the reversal into a new trend.

A set of geometrical tools are simultaneously used to project a primary price target for the culmination of the trend as well as a secondary target for cases where the trend extends into a longer move. Finally, a simple but powerful astro-timing element is integrated with the channel and geometry to provide a short-term time projection which usually identifies the next 1-3 turns with surprising accuracy and consistency. The combination of these tools provides a simple but powerful and effective tool set for swing trading or trend trading any market on any time frame.

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