Forex Price Action Scalping

An in-depth look into the field of professional scalping

Forex Price Action Scalping provides a unique look into the field of professional scalping. Packed with countless charts, this extensive guide on intraday tactics takes the reader straight into the heart of short-term speculation. The book is written to accommodate all aspiring traders who aim to go professional and who want to prepare themselves as thoroughly as possible for the task ahead. Few books have been published, if any, that take the matter of scalping to such a fine and detailed level as Forex Price Action Scalping. Hundreds of setups, entries, exits (all to the pip), and price action principles are discussed in full detail, along with the notorious issues on the psychological side of the job, as well as the highly important but often overlooked aspects of clever accounting. The book, counting 358 pages, opens up a wealth of information and shares insights and techniques that are simply invaluable to any scalper who is serious about his trading.

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