– Mastering Passive Income

Master Your Passive Income with Bots 

Mastering Passive Income, our most advanced bot trading course, is packed with bot trading secrets, strategies, tools, and techniques for setting bots to trade for you and grow your account in ANY market conditions. 


This course is perfect for current bot traders who want to learn advanced techniques to increase profits! New to bot trading? View intro course here. 


Dive into our most advanced bot trading strategies, techniques, indicators, and more! Learn how to master your bots... 

We'll show you the exact steps to master your passive income stream in any market conditions using our exclusive strategies paired with 3Commas DCA & Grid Bots! 


Too busy to trade?  Bots are perfect for those who don't have time to —or don't want to — sit at a computer actively finding and placing trades! You'll learn how to make bots work for you in any market conditions! 

Want to make more money while you sleep?  We'll show you our most advanced strategies for having bots trade for you 24/7, 365 days a year, even making money while you sleep (because the crypto market never sleeps!), and while you work, play, eat, vacation, volunteer, and whatever it is that you love to do. 

Learn our master-level strategies for setting bots to trade in bullish and bearish conditions!  

Completely updated , fully automated trading bot!

Moonin Papa shares the updated , now with 15 total trading pairs and optimized settings for both leverage and spot markets. 


  • You will Learn all the Shortcuts to using 3Commas Powerful Automated Trading Bots 
  • You will Learn How to Become a Master from the Master of 3Commas: Moonin Papa 
  • You will learn about the "Golden Ratio" rule when using Technical Analysis 
  • You will Understand How to Use the Most Passive and Unknown Feature on 3Commas: Auto Reallocation 
  • You will Learn the Secrets to Using these Tools to Create Your Own Successful Bot 
  • Learn about other passive income strategies — Staking and Farming methods Moonin Papa uses to earn a safer APY! 
  • And so MUCH MORE!

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