– Build A Conversion Sequence

Build a Conversion Sequence

Let’s build an automated “Conversion Campaign” that generates more sales from the traffic and leads you already have

Here’s What We’ll Create Together

In this essential new training, you’ll build out a proven follow-up sequence that takes your prospects by the hand and leads them step-by-step through the entire Customer Value Journey—generating more leads, sales, and referrals—on autopilot.

With the help of this on-demand workshop, you’ll…

  • Follow Oli’s 8-Step Conversion Sequence Checklist to build a follow-up system that converts leads into customers and customers into raving fans—automatically…
  • Uncover the “hidden pots of cash” that are hiding in your email database and just WAITING to be unlocked…
  • Spark an instant cashflow surge in your business anytime you need it…
  • Learn the anatomy of a well-constructed offer page, and use that information to create a sales-optimized offer funnel specifically crafted to work with your follow-up campaigns…
  • Wring BIG sales from a tiny list by aligning your message with your market and automating your follow-up…
  • Systematically lead your customers from the “Convert” stage all the way to the “Promote” stage of the Customer Value Journey (generating referrals without the need to personally reach each and every customer)…
  • Leverage done-for-you email swipe file templates that are written to maximize results for your 5 most crucial follow-up campaigns…

How Many Sales Are Slipping Through Your Fingers, Each And Every Day?

Every day, people find you online. They check out your website. Many of them even subscribe to your email list.

But then they leave without making a purchase.

(And let’s be honest: almost NO ONE buys on their first visit anymore.)

How many new sales could be slipping through your fingers right now? It’s hard to say.

If you’re like most marketers or business owners, you know how many sales you made last month. And you know if that number is trending up or down over time.

But what you don’t know is how many sales you COULD HAVE MADE if your business had a more effective follow-up conversion sequence in place.

5% more sales? 10%? 20%? More?

In this new workshop from “The Business Architect,” , you’ll have the chance to find out.

You’re going to learn how to leverage the same strategic email follow-up system he’s used to building and grow FIVE separate 7-figure businesses.

(How’s that for proof of concept?)

It’s a set-it-and-forget-it strategy that you can put into place one time, and reap the benefits for years to come.

This means that the sooner you put this conversion sequence into practice in your business, the sooner you’ll start seeing increased leads, sales, and referrals!

What You’ll Learn

  • The 8 essential steps to building a conversion follow-up sequence that nurtures new subscribers and grows your sales
  • How to see your own email marketing from your audience’s point of view (it might sound small, but achieving this slight shift in perspective is CRUCIAL to creating an effective email series)
  • A savvy strategy that leverages NPS surveys to improve your customer experience and put your referral marketing on autopilot
  • The exact email campaign templates Oli uses to indoctrinate prospects and “prime” them for the sale


The Email Conversion Sequence “Template Treatment”

In this preview, Oli talks through all of the heavy liftings that he and his team have done to make sure you’re getting the TEMPLATE treatment on Email Conversion Sequence copy… so you can focus on running your business or department and NOT on writing copy from scratch.


  • PART 1:
  • Foundation For An Effective Follow-Up Sequence
    • Far too many marketers want to skip straight to the “advanced hacks” and “little-known tricks” that promise instant success…while ignoring the basic fundamentals of good marketing. That’s why Oli first lays the groundwork for an effective email campaign, making sure you understand the most important principles of how to structure an effective conversion sequence that WORKS.
  • PART 2:
  • Strategically Organize And Build Out Your “Offer Assets”
    • The best email campaign in the world won’t do you a lick of good if your website can’t turn those clicks into conversions. So before you write a single email, you’ll first learn the anatomy of an effective offer page and apply it to your own website. When you’re done, you’ll have a sales-optimized offer funnel designed to sync perfectly with the conversion sequence you’re about to create.
  • PART 3:
  • Write Your Emails Using Oli’s Tested Email Template Swipe Files
    • We’re often so close to our own business that it’s hard to step back, see it objectively, and write effective sales copy. But not to worry: we’ll give you templates for your 5 most important email sequences. All you have to do is fill in your company’s relevant details, then copy and paste them into your email campaigns. Email doesn’t get any easier than this.
      Create Raving Fans & Generate Customer Referrals
  • PART 4:
  • Create Raving Fans & Generate Customer Referrals
    • Most marketers stop communicating after the sale. BIG MISTAKE! After someone has bought from you is the BEST time to continue following up. Learn a clever way to use NPS surveys in your post-sale campaigns to not only help improve your overall customer experience, but also to generate additional sales, positive reviews, and even referrals.

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