Fall 2021 Intensive by  

Fall ’21 Intensive by is an all-in-one trading course, which includes  theory instructions, live trading sessions and trade management. There are many aspects covered in the course, which can help you work under such a volatile market. The step-by-step guidelines are openly shared along with the illustrations of case studies and examples. 

What Can You Expect When Taking The Fall 2021 Intensive by ?

  • In-Depth Live Morning Prep so that you can get ahead in the trading market, across the crisis.
  • Live Trading with Merritt Black for real time trading execution of strategies and techniques. 
  • Daily Q&A Webinars for direct instruction on trading techniques and strategies. 
  • End of Day Recap & Reviews for experiences to better trades the next day. 

In Detail, You Will Gain Access To:

The best practices behind the successful strategies of trading are openly shared. Before any trading sessions, you need careful preparation to handle any sudden changes of trading trends and market moves. 

The framework that Merritt Black applies to his trading is instructed, which can help you feel less anxious and more energetic to earn profits. 

You will gain access to the live trading sessions with Merritt Black. Thus, you can gain  real time observation of how Merritt Black applies trading techniques and strategies. 

Trading alongside Merritt Black points out the underlying principles and how he deals with  the volatile market changes. There are a wide range of trading instruments instructed, such as stock indices, crude oil, gold, bonds, and so on. 

After learning the theories and applying strategies to real time trading, you might have many concerns and questions. You can gain direct interaction with Merritt Black to achieve the best solutions to problems that you have encountered. 

To begin, you need careful preparation. To maintain high performances, you need to recap. The experiences of trading will help you achieve the best profits in the trading market. The discussion and analysis of live trading sessions will bring out the best practices of trade management and execution. 


is a firm with the main focus on trading futures education. There are many courses and programs developed by to help traders achieve high profits. There are many aspects of futures trading covered in the courses, such as strategies, techniques, tools, ideas, and so on.

The founder of is Merritt Black. He has been professionally trading for more than 15 years. Before founding , Merritt Black was the former Head of Futures & Commodities for SMB Capital, a top trading educational firm. With the aid of his experiences, Merritt Black could maintain high profitability amid high volatility.

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