We’ll cover topics like:

  • Amazon FBA Business Model - you’ll learn how FBA business works, the main advantages of this business, and WHY it is the future of eCommerce.
  •  Private Label Products - you’ll learn why is specifically based around private-label products, what exactly that means, and how ANYONE can take advantage of this concept to create unique, high-value products to sell on Amazon on a global scale.  
  • Business Registration -  you’ll learn when to register with HMRC, which business form to choose, and why it’s important to make this decision before you even open your Amazon seller account.
  • Value Added Tax - in this video, you’ll learn in which situations you should register for VAT immediately and when you can wait until you reach the VAT registration threshold. 
  • Amazon Account – you’ll learn what types of seller accounts exist, which one you should to sign-up for, and how to ensure your account doesn’t get banned after the registration and verification process is completed.
  • Amazon Fees – you’ll learn what fees are charged by Amazon, and how they differentiate based on the products you sell and what account type you have. 
  • Seller Central Overview – a complete overview of the Amazon seller account and how to navigate around it, where to find the most important settings, and the best way to get in touch with Amazon when you need help! 
  • Accounting - the course doesn’t go into great detail on how to keep accounts for eCommerce - it’s more focused on getting your business profitable—but you will find general advice on the best ways to take care of bookkeeping for your Amazon account, including the best tools and services available for this task.

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