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Seldom Revealed "Behind-the-Scene Insight into Today's Forex Trading Environment 
This info-packed webinar already took place on Saturday, Oct 13, 2007, Chris delivered almost 6 hours (3 hours overtime!) worth of extremely valuable insider Forex information you simply won't find anywhere else. If you are serious about your Forex trading business, this webinar is simply a MUST. The knowledge gained from this webinar will make you and save you tens of thousands of dollars. 

Dear Trader, 

If you are like most traders, you trade the SPOT Forex because of the enormous money-making potential this market has to offer! 

But did you know that there are MANY other ways to make money in the Forex than just trading online through a broker? 

Discover the OTHER great Forex investment alternatives the institution traders use that are ALSO available to YOU! 

Some of the Topics covered: 
Retail Banking vs. Private Banking 
FX Trading at a Bank 
Dealers vs. Proprietary Traders 
Bank Dealer/Trader Activities 
How to read and digest bank analyst's reports 
Knowing Bank Sentiments 
Trading thru a bank 
Managing Currency Exposure 
Multi-Currency Accounts 
Retail Banking and FX 
Private Banking and FX 
Watch Interest Rates and Market Interest Rates 
Rate Spreads 
Trade for Profit and Diversification 
Currency EFT's 
Cathay Bank 
Multi-Market/Multi Instrument Broker 
Alternate Currency Plays 
CAD Digital and Binary Options 
New Zealand Yen Knock Out Forward 
The Carry Trade 
Gold Strategies 
Broker, Bank, ECN, or others 
Deal Desk vs Non-Deal Desk ECN 
Keeping Your Broker Honest 
New Dealing Alternatives 
Currenex Facility 
Multi Bank FIX Protocol 
Growing as a Trader 
Advisory Services 
Managed Accounts 
Trading Plan 
Market Review 

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