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Review by Kaye Shanker: The Idiot & The Moon, Compleat & Utter Lunatic Idiot’s Guide to Trading Stocks, by

’s goal is for you to make money in the marketplace. His book, The Idiot & The Moon all by itself is fun to read; the fact that you learn how to use some very valuable trading tools is a bonus. I have read dozens and dozens of books on investing and this is one of the few where you actually learn something useful to take with you to the trading screen.

Mr. Ashbourne describes five very easy-to-use techniques that combine the principles of astrology and the techniques of technical analysis. His book walks you through each of his techniques. ’s writing style gives the novice investor or trader a break. No technical gibberish, No astrologers. He has designed the book to help you invest your money and profit from the trade.

Randall knows you have been inundated with exaggerated promises of “get rich quick touts”. He knows there are plenty of schemes that worked in hindsight. He is suggesting that you need tools with foresight and has recorded how to use these tools in one short book (80 pages).

He describes his first tool as a chart template and explains how you can create your own. His example is the S&P 500 but you can do the same with any index, ETF, or stock. To quote his reasoning for creating a chart template “Nevertheless, the first rule of The Idiot is… pull up a monthly chart and turn off the price bars so we know exactly right from the start whether we know the forest we are looking at is healthy, or whether there is a wildfire burning destroying everything in its path.”

His second tool is the Phases of the Moon. He suggests ways to use the New, Quarter, and Full Moon phases for short-term trades either long or short, and states that this method requires a filter, “The Idiot”. “By introducing a simple mechanical filter. The Idiot… before making a decision to trade, the spreadsheets showed not only which Moon phases could be traded safely and when…but..which trades should NOT be placed under any circumstances.” (Read an excerpt from this chapter in ’s The Moods of the Moon, in our articles section.)

His chapter, Old Gods and Price Points describe his third trading tool. “Several decades ago, Jeanne Long, an astrologer, and trader made a startling discovery: The position of the planets in our solar system could be used to calculate PRECISE price levels that had a dramatic effect on stock markets. With the help of computer programmers, she turned her research into The Galactic trader.” The Galactic trader can seem very complicated to the first-time user. Randall breaks down the information it provides and guides you quickly through the story the data delivers.

The Technical Section explains how to apply the MACD, the CCI, or as Randall calls them “the Canaries”, the Fibonacci Ratio, and Bollinger Bands to the charts you have created using the instructions of the first three Chapters. Even if you have never used technical analysis you will be able to understand and implement these techniques in your trading.

I wrote The Textbooks for Financial Astrology, (available in our astrological shop), to teach you how to choose stocks. Randall’s book teaches you how to invest and trade the stocks once you have made your selection. Members and students at astrologicalinvesting.com are either astrologers or traders or both. Randall’s book will take them to their next step to successful investing and trading.

A note to our members at astrologicalinvesting.com: Early subscribers were treated to Randall’s market analysis each month. His World At large reports are still in our archives; if you care to check them out you will be impressed with how his style of writing makes difficult and dry subjects easy to understand and fun to read. We asked him for a book – and now, here it is! We are thrilled to be able to finally have it in our shop. Marlene has been testing each tool for the past six months and reports that it not only works, but she has made a “lot of money” when she has followed the directions precisely. “Just Brilliant” is how she describes The Idiot.

Kaye Shanker, CAP, NCGR IV.

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