& Walker – The Cycles And The Codes

The Secrets of ’s The Tunnel Thru The Air are finally revealed

“The Cycles and The Codes” by -Walker.

  • This is a clear explanation of the purpose of The Tunnel Thru The Air
  • You will learn The 3 coding systems
  • How the cycles are calculated.

After more than 90 years ’s coded novel “The Tunnel Thru The Air” is still a mystery to most people.

“The Cycles and The Codes” is the only book that focuses entirely on The Tunnel Thru The Air.

To understand Gann’s TTTTA you have to understand Gann and you have to know the three codes that used to hide his most powerful cycles.

Everything in The Cycles & The Codes stays within the realm of Gann relationships and doesn’t introduce one-off concepts to explain away inconvenient facts.

In other words, this is the real deal, and “The Cycles and The Codes” should be considered essential for all Gann Traders and students of cycles in the financial and commodity markets.

Learn the full step-by-step process that was used to reveal each unique cycle.

I’ve now gone through your book 3 times. I’m really amazed at your decoding, and your willingness to share.
I’ve spent tons of money on Gann-related books, and most have been a total waste.
This book is different in that it actually decodes large chunks of Tunnel Thru the Air in a compelling way,
AND gives specific chart examples.
Most Gann authors just show random methods they cooked up without any evidence of Gann actually using them. This book is therefore unique in the world of Gann-related literature.
Joey W.


The Cycles Include:

  • Radium Ray
  • Demon of Death
  • Tel-Talk
  • Marie the Angel of Mercy
  • Red Letter day
  • The Tunnel Thru the Air
  • and many more.

Until now these cycles have been completely unknown to anyone except himself.

They are the work of a genius and are far better than anything that Gann published for the public.

There is even more material in the Tunnel than anyone has suspected.

To do justice to ’s work I have included all the details condensed down from over 1000 pages of notes for the expert but importantly I have also made it easy for casual readers who just want the cycles.

Dear Myles,

your latest publication, The Cycles, and The Code is a very generous work that came for me at the right time. When I bought it I had already spent 42 months in the ‘Gann’ world, with a solid mileage of reading behind, mostly WD Gann, Sepharial, L Jensen, and Johndro’s.

Of course, an important light bulb is lit while reading your work.
What surprised me is that I hardly blinked at buying, even if the price was out of my comfort zone for a ‘book’. But the intuition felt right, and reading and working ‘thru’ it confirmed it was a good choice.

I personally am extremely pleased with it as it helps in my trading already.
Again, thank you for making valuable research available to others.

Axel C.

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