- Underestimated

How I Scaled an Info-Product Business from Zero to $50 Million, and Got Acquired

My name is …Not long ago, I wrote a simple little 19 page guide about how I fixed my bad credit, using freely available information.

I sold it for $19.95… and for a while I didn’t make much money with it… and there weren’t a ton of customers…But those who did join were seeing some pretty amazing results.

Because it turns out that I’m fairly good at organizing information in a way that makes it very easy for people to understand and replicate my success.In fact, many folks were going from 400 & 500 credit scores, up to 700 & 800 within a few months, or even just a few weeks.

I would get heartfelt messages from people who turned their financial lives around, using my simple tips & tricks…Like Brian Murray (below), who didn’t know what he and his family were going to do…

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