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What if you could find tradeable key inflection points on any chart – without thinking? That’s the bold goal of Sam’s new True Momentum System. It’s designed to remove the bias, emotions, and overthinking that gets so many traders in trouble. 

For the first time, Sam is revealing how his system adapts automatically to trending and non-trending conditions without subjective analysis. By combining his new Trend Oscillator Pro X, Hi Lo Pro X and True Momentum Score, Sam’s achieved the biggest breakthrough in his trading in the last 10 years. 

Options Traders 
Stock and Index Traders 
Futures, Currency, and ETF Traders 

Join Sam’s new class for a step-by-step training on how to use his new True Momentum System. See how he turns off his brain from “bell to bell” and lets his system automatically generate a report card for ANY chart. Discover how (and why) his system is designed to tell you what to trade in trending and non-trending markets using his proprietary blend of price structure and momentum with an objective True Momentum scoring system (and pre-trade checklist). 

Attend live on January 27th from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Central. Complete recordings are included. 
True Momentum Score Indicator 

Sam’s new True Momentum Score indicator is designed to give an automatic report card based on every factor that matters: Price structure and momentum. 

Price is weighted the highest because price structure is the most important input. Next, momentum is graded according to thrust and trend. Combined, this True Momentum Score aims to remove subjectivity and give you an instant score and rating for ANY chart and ANY timeframe. 

Hi Lo Pro X Indicator + Scans 
The NEW Hi Lo Pro X includes code refinements that are new to this version and designed to work within the True Momentum System. The indicator includes automated scans. The HiLo Pro X oscillator is designed to reveal entries and exits with built-in timing arrows that help Sam pinpoint when to execute trades. The HiLo Pro X identifies significant oversold and overbought conditions with as little “noise” or false signals as possible. It also now reveals the thrust of a move, which is the first stage of True Momentum. 

Trend Oscillator X Indicator + Scans 
The NEW Trend Oscillator X includes code refinements that are new to this version and designed to work within the True Momentum System. The indicator includes automated scans. Sam developed this indicator to reveal when a chart has a perfect trend. This makes it possible to quickly flip through charts and identify trend quality at a glance. Is it up, down, or sideways? Now there’s no guesswork, you can see instantly. The goal is to only take “best of the best” trades that match your trend criteria and pass on the rest. 

Bonus: Swing Levels Pro Indicator 
Sam designed this simple tool to identify highs and lows for trading volatile range conditions. The lines plot automatically and are designed to work in conjunction with the Hi Lo Pro X arrows for identifying entries and exits. 

Elite: 3 Live Trading Days 
If you’re ready to go “all in” and want the maximum live-trading time with Sam, the Elite Package is for you. You get a total of 3 sessions to see how to follow Sam’s True Momentum System in real-time. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to really master Sam’s system and his new indicators and scans. Instant alerts will be sent out to those who sign up for live-trading, so you can follow any setups taken even if you can’t attend live. 

Elite Bonus: Advanced True Momentum Session 
For those who want to dive deeper into what Sam’s True Momentum System can do, Sam is doing an advanced bonus training for the Elite Package. He’s covering how to identify momentums in time when momentum is leading price – such as positive and negative divergence. You don’t need the advanced training to get the full benefit of Sam’s new True Momentum System. However, the additional insights have the potential to add a whole new dimension to trade analysis.

VP of Options 

Sam specializes in options, equities, and macro trading using short-term signals. He started trading in 2007. He began his career by trading index futures and equities intraday and later branched out to options which are now his trading vehicle. Sam’s strategy is top-down – the tide first, boats second. 

A typical path Sam will take before entering a position is understanding the setup on the index such as S&P or Nasdaq first, then the sector, such as technology, second, and the stock third. This gives him an edge in trading as it shows the money flow from the broad market to stocks. Once he has found a setup, he looks for an entry using multiple timeframe analysis to ensure that the signals are aligned on the weekly, daily, and intraday charts. The strongest setups have clean alignment from the intraday to the weekly.

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