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Learn how to become an absolute trading master in stocks, crypto, commodities, or forex in this 3-course series with Master Trader , whose proven 80+% win-rate and early price action detection led him to be one of the most well-respected investors, chart technicians, forecasters, and traders in the industry.  This series is designed for traders of all levels to go from never having placed a trade to ultimate trading mastery.

Take Control & Start Changing Your Finances, Your Life, and Your Future Right Now.

      1. Strategies of a
      2. Setups of a
      3. Secrets of a
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    The Series


    In this completely new course series from Verified Investing Education, Kitco Media, and The Better Traders, you will gain access to 's turnkey system for finding, evaluating, and profiting from trades on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis using master-level technical analysis. 

    No emotion, no hype — just pure chart setups and probabilities.  

    Beginner & Advanced Traders

    This series covers everything from how to place your first trade all the way to Gareth's top-level, advanced trading mastery secrets!

    Optimized for Learning

    Designed to build consecutively from one course to the next and includes resource documents, screenshare examples, quizzes, and more!

    Incredible, Value-Packed Content

    Advance through 19 hours of powerful content that progresses from foundational concepts to Gareth's master trading secrets!

    Q&A Livestream Workshops

    Each course includes 3 months of monthly Q&A Livestream Workshops with — Buy the bundle for double the access!

    The Secrets to Gareth's Success

    Obtain the secrets that have led to Gareth's proven 80+% win-rate and have helped thousands of investors find financial freedom!

    Unlock Exclusive Rewards

    Bundle & Save + Unlock exclusive rewards like doubling your access to the livestreams, an in-person masterclass invitation & more!

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