Footprint Deep Dive

Footprint Deep Dive

If you have every wanted to learn about Footprint charts, what they are, how they are created, and most importantly, how to APPLY them, then the Footprint Deep Dive video course is for you!

The Footprint Deep Dive is a 10 video course that starts with the very basics of what a footprint chart is and builds upon the concepts throughout. The last several videos teach how to apply it to trading and provide specific setups to consider.

If you believe in the power and benefits that Footprint charts can provide, this is must have education. You’ll be so far ahead in your learning curve.

Marketdelta Learn setups and strategies taught by the creators of the Footprint chart. Use the Footprint… to read order flow as a trigger to qualify trades to spot rotations and thin spots to spot real time support and resistance and many more examples This course will take you from the Footprint basics all the way to professional application. 


In this course, find out where the numbers come from, what they mean, and how to begin using them as a tool to read order… 


In this video, we dive into this powerful feature that shows the best way to read order flow. We share how this visual has helped traders use the… 

EVERYTHING DELTA In this video, we show how to calculate, watch, and trade delta through the Footprint

ROTATIONS AND THIN SPOTS In this video, find out the best way to see rotations using the Footprint and why “thin spots” are the most amazing way to trade in real… 

FOOTPRINT FILTER In this video, find out the right questions to ask when seeing big buying and big selling enter the market and how this gives you a clue to what’s… SET-UPS & STRATEGIES – PART 1 In this video, see specific trade setups and how we use the Footprint to qualify them. SET-UPS & STRATEGIES


In this video, we show more setups and continue to reinforce using Footprints to trade. 

CANDLESTICKS WITH THE FOOTPRINT In this video, we cover 3 core candlestick setups and how using the Footprint helps you to find better trade locations. 

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT – EDGE ZONES In this video, Anthony takes 17 years of trading experience and helps people see and understand the markets with this single… 

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT – EDGE ZONES II In this video, we show the best setups and how Edge Zones create real time support and resistance.


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