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My Selfish Confession
Frankly, my reasons for releasing this system are incredibly selfish.

Bottom line. I need smart educated partners and no one else teaches this stuff.

I hope to meet you someday and possibly do a deal with you. I have so many ideas, brands, and high-level domains set aside for association businesses that I cannot possibly get to them all without knowledgeable partners.

That’s why I created the Association Domination Community and System.

My first experience teaching about associations was at a $ 1,000-per-person live event in Las Vegas in late 2021. The recordings were never sold; they were only available to those who attended the live event.

However, I have decided to take those live recordings and combine them with screen shares, demos, checklists, and technical maps, to create the world's first turn-key association starting system.

8 Years And Millions In Mistakes Later
Listen, It took me more than eight years to figure out how to perfect the association model.

In the end, I burned millions of dollars in paid media ads and made hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of mistakes.

I’ve tested and eliminated more than $200,000 worth of software and tools to land on the tiny little tech stack that we use today.

I designed a flawless member-getting system and a world-class onboarding and retention system.

When you see the system today you’ll see I am revealing everything that I’ve learned holding nothing back.

NOTE: Our older associations don’t have all these parts active yet. We are rolling them out while you get to see the difference it makes LIVE looking over my shoulder.

“I’m A Greedy Old Geezer”
Just remember this, it benefits me greatly that you understand and feel confident about the business.

To grow more associations I need partners who understand it, and I just do not have the time to train them individually.

Some of you who know me know I’m not all touchy-feely and I do most things for my benefit, at least I’m honest about it and don’t blow smoke up your ass.

For that reason, I am offering the entire system right at the cost of the ads it takes to sell it. Seriously!

Making money from the sale of this material is not my goal. I only care about building a network of people who are well-versed in the association business.

That being said, inside I’ll teach you how:

  • You’ll use viral media and trend-watching to pick which associations to start next.
  • You’ll use A.I. to name associations to have the greatest impact and recognition at the end.
  • ​You’ll create recognizable brands using my “will it swag” strategy.
  • You’ll get my MILLION DOLLAR cut and paste benefits stack and start looking like a giant player from day one.
  • You’ll learn my customer acquisition system based on the trip wire model that Ryan Deiss and I created some 15 years ago.

And… The last thing I’ll teach you is how we use deep psychology to onboard new members and keep them around for years, not months.

Get Started With Your Association Business TODAY!

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